3M PPF Installer Resources

3M has it all to help you grow your business! As a 3M Certified Installer, you not only have access to a portfolio of superior Paint Protection Films and the ability to leverage the 3M and Scotchgard brand names, but you also have access to an extensive set of tools that will help you grow your business. For your convenience, we have placed links for all the tools in one location. For assistance with any of these tools please contact AeroTect directly 909.596.0053

3M Digital Designs Cutting Software

ddSimplify the installation process with pattern cutting software for 3M paint protection films and automotive window films. The extensive and comprehensive database includes hundreds of patterns with the option to create custom patterns through the “design and edit” feature. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily view, select, and track pattern selections. Save time with the new speed cut feature which is pre-loaded with easy-to-download drivers for most plotters. To help support the software, 3M provides training that includes video tutorials, monthly webinars and local seminars that make it even easier for professional applicators to improve efficiency and use advance features.


addonautoYou can now personalize the buying experience for your customers with the new paint protection film sales tool that is the result of collaboration between AddOnAuto and 3M. With the touch of a button, your customer can see a Scotchgard™ or 3M™ VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film package on their specific vehicle, including the correct model, trim level and color. AddOnAuto allows you to customize the tool with your logo, shop photo and 3M product offering. This tablet-friendly, e-commerce enabled tool is embedded directly on your website, giving customers the ability to shop on-line 24/7.

Add Label

addlabelCreate professional automotive addendum and marketing labels with AddLabel. The intuitive, easy to use program is preloaded with the library of Scotchgard and VentureShield paint protection film marketing labels. These labels are designed to improve awareness and sales penetration at the dealership, while allowing installers to customize them with logos, videos or QR codes.

E-Warranty Program

ewarrantyThe E-warranty program makes it easy for you to electronically record 3M paint protection film installations. The program allows you to register the installation online and provide the consumer with a warranty card after the job is completed. The consumer finalizes the process by visiting the www.3M.com/ppfwarranty and validating the completion of the installation. This system allows faster and more efficient management of the warranty claims, and allows 3M to monitor and respond to application trends that could affect your business.

Rewards Program

rewardsprogramInstallers of both Scotchgard and 3M VentureShield paint protection films can earn one point for every dollar of Scotchgard and/or VentureShield paint protection film purchased during the designated time frame. Points can be redeemed for a variety of merchandise, including shirts, hats, brochures or discount coupons on your next purchase of 3M Paint Protection Films and/or 3M Digital Designs.

Brand Logo Resources

brandlogo3M has developed trademark guidelines for you to use when creating marketing materials that communicate your association with 3M. You can find helpful tips, examples of correct and incorrect logo usage and downloadable logos in this easy-to-use guide.

PPF Installer Website

ppfAs a Certified Installer, your company name will be included in our list of installers on the paint protection film website, that is visited by thousands of consumers every month. As a loyal, trained and certified 3M™ Paint Protection Film Installer, you will receive leads generated by the website. 3M’s paint protection film website is a comprehensive site for consumers and installers alike. You will find FAQs, videos, product comparison charts and a library of product information available for your reference.