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Distributing quality film products from the most trusted brands...

At AeroTect, we pride ourselves on offering high quality automotive products made by the most trusted brands.
We are committed to providing exceptional service and support to help you grow your business with our product lines.

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Are you a clear bra installer looking for the best prices on 3M Scotchgard and VentureShield paint protection film?  Are you in the automotive industry and looking to expand your business into a new market?  Are you looking for new products to introduce to your current customer base?

AeroTect has you covered!

We offer the best quality films on the paint protection film market!  Choose from the ultra clear, VentureShield Ultra, that is installer friendly and available in a 60" wide format, or 3M Scotchgard with it's patented flexible clear coat technology that is designed to stay looking newer longer.

Pre cut Paint Protection Film Kits are now available to view and price online.  Call us today for your installer password.

AeroTect distributes 3M Scotchgard and 3M Scotchprint throughout California, and VentureShield nationwide!

Are you looking for a way to protect a matte finish paint job?  How about create a matte finish effect on your customer paint?  Frostbite is designed to do just that.  This clear film will provide a superior matte finish on any color paint, and unlike matte paint, it will not "gloss out," over time.

Ready for Carbon Fiber?  Introducing 3M Scotchprint and DiNoc films.  Available in 7 different colors in the Carbon Fiber line.  Wood grain is also available.  3M Scotchprint 1080 series is available in 19 gloss colors, 6 matte colors, 3 carbon fiber colors, and 6 brushed metal colors, with more on the way.

Want to offer a service that will set you apart from the average film installer?  Try 3M's Headlight Restoration Kit.  The Pro Kit is available complete with Air tools, however, we have a smaller kit available to fit your standard drill.

With customer trends these days, alot of vehicle owners like the look of a black vinyl roof, a matte black upper half, or more.  Checkout our Scotchprint web page for more information on customer vehicle personalization using what is arguably the best looking and most installer friendly wrapping film on the market.

For headlamps, tail lights, and fog lights, try our Lamp Overlay Film.  Our 17 mil thick clear vinyl overlay film provides protection and style for the customer looking for yellow fog lights, or smoked out tail lights.  5 colors available.

While you have your customers vehicle at your shop, try our Temporary Protection Film, designed to keep you safe from unwanted damage while the vehicle is in your care.  Also acts as a great way to wrap wheels to prevent unwanted grease from affecting your job.

3M Scotchgard paint protection film pro series

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